Anyone who wants to save the NHS must see this film

Free Screenings across the UK from October 14-19

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The NHS is seriously ill. Ugly self-interest, corruption and deceit are slowly bleeding the NHS dry; this film exposes the true severity of this disease. It’s a frightening diagnosis of society as a whole. Everybody needs to see it.

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Films, like words, can be weapons. This film is a weapon in our struggle to save the NHS. Armed with the evidence so eloquently provided here, we can win this battle. There should be details of the film in every hospital reception, every GP’s waiting room, every community centre.” 

Ken Loach

Our 'Festival of Screenings'

And guess what: they are all FREE

Under the Knife is being screened across the UK during October 2019. All screenings are FREE. You can find your nearest locations on the map below. You can also see a list of screenings on the screenings page.

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The Dirty War on the NHS will be now available to watch in the UK via an "Online Cinema Screening" before the General Election. From 5pm to 10pm on Monday 10 December, anyone in the UK who has bought a ticket can watch the film. More details here:

Enter your postcode to see what cuts the Tories are implementing in your area👇👇👇

#GE2019 #SaveOurNHS #VoteNHS

The Tories are preparing the NHS slowly, steadily, and surreptitiously for the United States healthcare system.

This election could be your last chance to stop them.

#SaveOurNHS #VoteNHS #GE2019

Not decided who to vote for in Erewash? I’m at the election debate on the NHS and Ilkeston Hospital now - Maggie Throup the Conservative candidate hasn’t bothered to turn up again. She’s the first MP in history to SUPPORT cuts to a hospital in her own area.

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