Anyone who wants to save the NHS must see this film

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The NHS is seriously ill. Ugly self-interest, corruption and deceit are slowly bleeding the NHS dry; this film exposes the true severity of this disease. It’s a frightening diagnosis of society as a whole. Everybody needs to see it.

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Films, like words, can be weapons. This film is a weapon in our struggle to save the NHS. Armed with the evidence so eloquently provided here, we can win this battle. There should be details of the film in every hospital reception, every GP’s waiting room, every community centre.” 

Ken Loach

Our 'Festival of Screenings'

And guess what: they are all FREE

Under the Knife is being screened across the UK during October 2019. All screenings are FREE. You can find your nearest locations on the map below. You can also see a list of screenings on the screenings page.

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A manufactured crisis: The NHS cannot flourish while the private sector grows - Check out our latest on NHS privatisation here:

“We must not allow this to become the new normal.” #NHS

Safety fears as hospitals redeploy nurses to care for patients in corridors

What does it take for people to wake up and realise what’s happening to the #NHS? Excellent @drnickmann lays it out for us

A few points. The private sector

- puts profits before patients
- cherry picks who they treat
- leaves complex ie expensive patients to the #NHS
- downgrades staff and downsizes services
- abandons a service when it can’t make a profit
- poaches staff trained at #NHS expense

I'm signing off for the year, and wishing you all a beautiful Christmas.
In 2020 we shall learn from our failures and build on our successes.
Love and courage ❤️💚

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