The film

Under The Knife is a 90-minute feature length documentary about the covert dismantling of the NHS that is going on right now. It shows how democracy has been subverted by politicians, and capitalism run amok.

It tells a story of greed, deception and how a law was passed, without public debate, that would transform the NHS into an eventual American type of health service and open the oyster of the most respected institution in the country to the highest bidder

Controversial from the start, the NHS became the United Kingdom’s greatest and most cherished institution. It set the gold standard for health care around the world. But today, due to cuts, closures and underfunding, its existence is under severe threat. It has moved away from Bevan’s idealism to the likes of billionaire Branson.

The turning point was Andrew Lansley’s 2012 Health and Social Care Act which culminated in the most radical assault on the NHS. Lansley’s reforms legally removed the responsibility of the secretary of state to provide health care for everyone.

More than 200 MPs and Peers with vested interests voted for the legislation which opened the floodgates to bidding and tendering of private companies for contracts. The democratic process was subverted by the government and battle lines were drawn.

What’s happening inside one of the world’s most respected institutions, makes you realise just how vulnerable we all are. If it is happening to the National Health Service in the UK, you can be sure it will be happening elsewhere. Western democracy is under threat from greed and deceit. Under The Knife, exposes the truth.

More than 50 people have been interviewed for the film – including politicians from all parties, leading journalists, clinicians, expert commentators and patients – which is illustrated through live action and historic footage as well as satirical humour through animation, taking us deeper into the heart of the NHS than ever before.

Health policy touches everyone throughout the world. Everyone needs to hear this story