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Susan has been making Emmy award winning films for a long time, first in America and now in the UK. Her documentaries have been described as definitive, emotional, painstakingly structured and brilliant broadcast journalism. Steinberg has always been interested in picking up the curtain in order to understand what goes on behind the scenes. CV  Website

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Pamela Kleinot grew up in South Africa with a strong sense of social justice as she witnessed the inequalities in treatment between white and black. I was inspired by my father who headed a surgical team at the largest state hospital in southern Africa and told me that the NHS was humanity’s greatest innovation, providing free health care for everyone.

Pamela has long-standing career as an investigative medical journalist before coming to London 30 years ago where she worked as a sub-editor on The Guardian and Daily Mirror. Pamela is also an established psychotherapist and group analyst and worked in the NHS for many years.

While on the frontline I gained unsettling perspectives into the health of the NHS and began to research into what was going on five years ago. I discovered it was being undermined through cuts, closures and underfunding. It was also being covertly privatised. 

I was determined to make a film about the NHS to inform the public about how we have got to this place. I have devoted my time and personal money to make this project possible as I think it is vital that we do everything we can and save this vital institution.  

With Brexit looming, we must stand up to the undermining and privatisation of the NHS. This film is my contribution to the fight.


Alex has edited and shot several documentaries for the BBC’s Art Strand, Arena. He previously assisted Martin Scorsese’s epic documentaries on Bob Dylan and George Harrison. He has been the series editor on Front Row Live (BBC Two), Film 2018 (BBC One) and the Art of Directing (BBC Global) and was nominated for best use of footage in a documentary film at the 2015 Focal Awards for Arena: Night and Day.


Director of Photography
David Chilton is an award-winning cameraman who has won Gold and Silver awards as well as being nominated for a BAFTA craft award for the London Weekend ITV Network series Breadline Britain (4 one-hour programmes) as DOP. He has worked with Susan Steinberg on many of her films including Mirrors to Windows and The Hope for the Freud Museum. IMDB Profile Link


Assistant Producer
Hannah has worked with Artist Olivia Plender on an ICA commission – Many Maids Make Much Noise; feature documentary Cruel and Unusual (Channel 4/Filmrise); and for Facebook on a series of short films exploring the transformative power of the internet in Indonesia. She was Content Lead at the Institute of Art and Ideas and has directed short films in global and community health.


Impact Producer

Tarquin is an award-winning director and producer based in London. His recent directorial feature debut Free Speech Fear Free was nominated for 'Best Positive First Film' at Cannes 2019 'Positive Cinema Week'. The film is available on Amazon Prime. It also had several theatrical and TV releases across Europe. He is also the recipient of the 'Free Speech Award 2017' by American Insight for outstanding service to social justice. Tarquin is also a co-director on an upcoming feature doc 'The Source' with The Act of Killing exec producer Andre Singer. Over the past several years, Tarquin also co-founded youth media organisation newsPeeks and produced three LIVE chat shows putting young people face to face with the worlds greatest whistleblowers, investigative journalists and hackers. 


Associate Editor

Has edited short films and assisted editors on features. ‘I’m a man’ was selected among various film festivals including Raindance, BFI Flare, London Short Film Festival.

She has assisted Editors like Ariadna Fatjo-Vilas, known for the award-winning film “The art of killing”.

She recently worked on Uber Pride Campaign and more feature film productions.

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Production Assistant
Gracie has worked at the London Film Festival and UK Jewish film across programming and social media marketing. She has hosted pre and post screening sessions for the British Film Institute’s future film section. She has worked with director Chris Ian Smith on New Town Utopia and has been involved in the production of commercials for Dyson, and SAP .

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